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about the company

Pure Glacial Skincare. Alaska Glacial Mud Company harvests glacial sediment on the Pacific Coast where timeless glaciers have ground remote mountains into pure mineral-rich powder. Our company is proud to share the highest quality skin care using traditional Alaskan botanicals backed by a commitment of sustainability to the ecology and its people.

Used by natives for hundreds of years, the naturally occurring soft mud helps to revitalize and preserve youthful skin. Combined with Alaskan botanicals, we are redefining purity.

our story

Where the river meets the sea. The idea for Alaska Glacial Mud Company was born during an extraordinary journey down the Copper River on a raft where wilderness offered the most auspicious and unexpected spa experience in the world amidst bear tracks and the call of wild eagles.

The Copper River is one of the most highly productive ecosystems in the world. It drains the far corners of three mountain ranges depositing nearly 100 million tons of buttery glacial mud on an expansive alluvial delta where the river meets the sea.

the product and its benefits

Like no other product on Earth. Our products offer tradition and innovation. Unlike other products on the market, glacial mud contains negatively-charged micro-fine clay and silt particles that absorb toxins and exfoliate dead skin, as well as nourish it with more than 30 trace elements known to promote healthy cell regeneration. No mud or clay matches its excellence in richness or purity.

No man-made product can replicate nature. Maintaining optimum moisture balance and delaying the aging process are powered by the delicate balance of trace minerals. Alaskan Glacial Mud Company products are highly effective in maintaining your skinís vitality with ongoing nourishment and supporting its natural, anti-aging defense system. It is as timeless as the glaciers - detoxifying, remineralizing, relaxing and protecting skin from the harsh elements of busy life.

our mission

Giving back to nature our most generous provider. We sustainably harvest and manufacture the highest quality skin care products that reveal the purity and essence of Alaska. We are committed to superior research and development that combines therapeutic glacial mud minerals and Alaskan botanicals on the skin.

We are dedicated to environmentally efficient methods of harvest and production, pure ingredients and philanthropy in our local community. We pledge a portion of our profits to organizations dedicated to community development and ecological preservation.

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